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DCD opens new doors to local market
“With a height of 850 mm, this forging is the largest of 43components ordered by a South African customer for a pressure vessel application,” said DCD Ringrollers executive director Dion Booyens. “Once again pushing the boundaries on behalf of our customers.
DCD Rolling Stock: Rail Infrastructure development Plan Secures Local Content
The proposed R300-billion investment programme by Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) is set to not only streamline South Africa's railway capabilities but also potentially create business opportunities and job sustainability for sufficiently prepared local private- sector industry component manufacturers, such as the rail cluster of internationally recognised manufacturing and engineering company DCD Group.
Rolling Stock’s bogie fabrication facility
DCD Rolling Stock is in the process of re-establishing the glory-days of rail manufacturing in South Africa through a R240-million investment in a bogie fabrication facility. African Fusion reports.
Jika (PHS) Summary Report
DCD Metpro - Dyno upgrade
In November 2013 DCD Metpro started the process of installing Gautrain brake pad rig on the existing dyno. With this rig, Metpro will be able to do comparative test for Gautrain brake pad development.
Bogie Manufacturing And Assembly Process

Bogie Bush and Bearing Press

This press is used to fit the bushes and the bearings for the motor nose brackets. The press is controlled by a control box. This press makes it possible to fit many bearings and bushes in a short period of time.

Bush and bearing press Control box

Bogie Press/Weigh Bridge

The structure comprises of the following main systems:

      The track fitted with load cells
      The load applying structure with hydraulic rams and a spreader beam
      Wayside hydraulic and electronic equipment for operating the arms    and recording the wheel load
      Calibration equipment
      Control box

The track comprises of two 'I' beams with rail mounted on top of it. There are 6 load cells available, and we use 4 for a 2-axle bogie and 6 for a 3-axle bogie. The load cell comprises of a strain-gauged beam mounted on a base A horizontal structure called a spreader beam. It is guided between the pair of strong backs. The spreader beam is forced down on to the bogie by four hydraulic cylinders (each hydraulic cylinder is capable of 500mm stroke and 250 kN force) to a maximum combined force of 1000 kN (100 ton). The control box has software that allows for:

      Easy entry of the necessary data for correct testing
      Real time display of measurements during test
      Displaying the results at the end of the test
      Printing the test report
      Storing the test results in file

Bogie press The control box

Bogie Springs Calibration

The DCD Rolling Stock's spring calibrator is a flexible and accurate testing device of bogie suspension coils. Springs are dynamically calibrated in a single automatic routine. The calibrator makes it possible to:

      Calibrate the springs
      Determine the castor angle

Features of the bogie springs calibrator include:

      Force and displacement
      Height under load
      Axial rigidity
      Transversal rigidity
      Spring chaise
      Natural axle deviation under load

Bogie spring calibrator

Bogie Frame Assembly

The bogie frame assembly process starts after receiving the frame from the supplier. This involves fitting brake cylinders and piping, derailment bars, brake rigging, snubbers etc.

Bogie frame assembly