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MSP officially launches first-of-its kind onsite dynamic testing facility
23 October, 2013: Mine Support Products (MSP) has officially launched a first-of-its-kind onsite dynamic testing facility in the Southern Hemisphere - a breakthrough that proves that the company's products go beyond the standards required for underground support systems.

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Mine Support Products

Mine Support Products ("MSP") manufactures innovative support systems for the mining industry, in particular for deep level gold, platinum and coal mining.

Its flagship product is the unique ROCPROP roof-support system, which is exported to Africa the USA and Australia. The company also provides roof-control systems catering for both soft- and hard-rock mining environments, and manufactures and distributes yielding steel elongates, temporary support systems, tendon roof support systems, pumps, control panels, headboards, and footplates.

The company's state of the art facility is located in Duncanville, Vereeniging (South Africa).

MSP has an active R&D programme fuelling new product development and providing customers with bespoke solutions.

  • Rocprop

As an ISO 9001 accredited company, MSP has won numerous industry awards for excellence, technology and safety, the latter including the coveted NOSCAR award for SHE.

Further awards include:

  • NOSA 5 Star accreditation
  • SEIFSA award
  • Innovation award from the Mechanical Engineering Society for the Rocprop

We supply engineered support solutions to the international mining industry through innovation and partnerships.

MSP’s main product line includes:

  • The Rocprop MK 1 & MK 2, an all steel elongate support system with predictable and repeatable yielding performance.
  • The Rocbolt, a hydraulically set anchoring device, which once inserted into the rock and pressurised expands to create a locking effect.
  • Shredder bolt, an end anchored bolt that can be used with any capsule grout or resin. This bolt can be installed mechanically or conventionally with unmatched loadbearing capacity.
  • Shredder I-Bolti is similar to the shredder bolt but has a lacing eye for secondary support.
  • MSP Hydro support unit prop, this prop can be used as a temporary or permanent support and can be removed and re- installed with ease. It has dynamic yielding capabilities to cater for seismicity.

Our intensive research and development programme continues to generate innovative support solutions and includes a range of products, accessories and applications that are developed to meet specific customer requirements and applications. With the one of a kind dynamic press facility, we can give our customers the technical backup of our product performance with a Quality Assurance certificate that our products meet the specifications.