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DCD Marine Cape Town is the recipient of an award presented by the Western Cape Provincial Government for its significant contribution to the Western Cape economy. The award, presented to DCD Marine and its client Saipem, is in recognition of the recent work done on the Scarabeo 7 rig, which has brought in excess of R1 billion in revenue to the province and created 1 193 jobs, as well as downstream job creation through the subcontractors assigned to the project.

For DCD Marine Cape Town, the award consolidates the company's position as a provider of world-class rig repair services, attracting repeat international business to the region and boosting the local oil and gas industry.

"It is an honour to be recognised by the Western Cape government for the hard work and time that DCD Marine Cape Town has invested to ensure that we put Cape Town on the global map as a rig repair destination of choice. The award also recognises our valued client Saipem for the role they have played, by bringing in this significant project and boosting the local economy," says Gerry Klos, General Manager of DCD Marine Cape Town.

As one of the most established and experienced oil and gas upstream service providers in South Africa, DCD Marine Cape Town has earned a reputation as a safe, reliable and internationally competitive shipyard. Since its inception in 1903, the company has worked hard to achieve its status in the global oil and gas industry, which has been founded largely on stringent safety and quality compliance, and a commitment to providing the best training possible for its workforce.

The company, which offers a turnkey service in managing repair and maintenance projects predominantly in the oil and gas sector, regards safety and quality as the mainstay of its business.

"It is only by putting safety and quality at the top of our agenda that we can achieve our goal of a safe, quality project for our clients," says Klos.

The company holds regular 'safety days' to reinforce its philosophy of 'one team, one goal' and to focus as a team on safety-related issues and processes.

"For our clients, safety is a critical component in determining our capacity to deliver a service of world class standards. Our SHEQ (safety, health, environment and quality) programme is an important component in ensuring ongoing client relationships that are based on trust and delivering on promises," adds Klos.

The company was awarded the Scarabeo 7 contract after successfully completing the special periodic survey (SPS) for Saipem's semi-submersible drilling rig, Scarabeo 3, which was executed by DCD Marine Cape Town at A-Berth in 2012.

The Scarabeo 7 project consumed a total of 3,2 million man hours performed by DCD Marine Cape Town and its subcontractors . The original scope of work was estimated at 82 days, with the additional work taking 113 days, amounting to a total duration of 193 days on the project.

"This project has delivered a massive boost to economic growth and job creation in the Western Cape. The DCD Marine shipyard is an important player in the Western Cape's maritime industry and they are attracting significant foreign investment to the province, specifically in the rig repair industry which is a key growth sector. The Oil and Gas sector employs 8 500 people, of which 3 000 work in rig repair and maintenance. We are grateful to both companies involved in this massive project for the role they have played in helping to build a sustainable local economy. The world-class service DCD Marine Cape Town offers makes it an asset to the Western Cape," comments Alan Winde, Western Cape Minister of Economic Opportunities, who handed over the award.

"As a projects-driven organisation we strive for continual improvement in order to compete successfully in the global oil and gas environment. There is a lot at stake for the client when it comes to managing a large oil and gas project, which makes it critical that we adhere to the strictest international standards, and maintain a highly-skilled workforce.

We are delighted to be recognised for the work we do by the Western Cape government. I congratulate every member of the project team for helping DCD Marine Cape Town and Saipem reach their goal of providing a consistently world class service and thereby attracting international business to our shores," Klos concludes.

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